I broke out in uncontrolled weeping

I did not get to attend my church last Sunday because I was speaking at South Mountain Bible Church. Today Janet and I listened to our pastor’s sermon. I was so encouraged and touched by the vision and opportunity cast in the sermon that I broke out in uncontrolled weeping.*

When I was a pastor I would ask myself “what is the good news in this sermon?” Most often it was the standard invitation to come to Christ.

Yet, I’ve always been in pursuit of the Good News in the Gospel. I recently heard Pastor Steve Cornell talk on this subject in a similar quest. Shad Baker wonderfully answers this question. You can watch Shad’s sermon here. I guarantee it will be worth your time.

*I seldom weep, but my joy could not be held back.

2 thoughts on “I broke out in uncontrolled weeping

  1. As a pastor I really needed a place to be refreshed and to have my heart and soul renewed. For 3 days I soaked up Scripture and personal reading and long stretches of prayer, which was a great blessing. The hospitality and environment were so soothing and I was able to find rest for body, mind and soul… Many thanks to the Keeners.


    1. Tom,

      We thank God the Churches in Missions Retreat House was a place of blessing. Hope you can return.


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