Short-Term Missions Trip

Now is the time to get started on a short-term missions trip for 2018. This is especially true if your trip involves airfare. Churches in Missions (CiM) has many opportunities to take teams to serve God’s people in other lands and in the United States. A CiM short term missions team went to Argentina. The people there greeted them with “We’ve been praying for many years for someone like you to come. You are an answer to our prayers.” This could be your church’s experience!
Here a few highlighted opportunities. There are openings in Jamaica to work in public schools with complete freedom to share the Gospel. There are 42 churches asking us to bring teams to help them in their ministries, along with many other opportunities. In Costa Rica, ​18 schools are requesting us to bring short-term missions trips to help them and to share the Gospel in their schools. We’ve been asked to bring teams of Christian policemen to train up to 10,000 policemen and to share the Gospel of Jesus with them.
In the US there are opportunities to work with the Navaho, those in the economically depressed coal regions, dependent children from inner city Philadelphia, and in spiritually cold New England. We are not speaking of simply work trips but of open doors to engage the people and proclaim the Gospel.
We have seen many trips produce a ​revival in those who participate in going on a short-term trip and in the people to whom they ministered. So, let me invite you to sign up for a short term missions trip with CiM.
We will take care of everything for your church. So what is the catch? CiM missionaries raise their support so we don’t charge you extra. We do, however, ask that you pay the cost for one of our missionaries to go with you. We want to make sure you have a great trip and our experienced staff will ensure that you do.
Interested? Give us a call at (717) 677-6568

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