Pastor Couple refreshment

In the spirit of “Jesus himself frequently withdrew to the wilderness and prayed.”
(Luke 5:16 NET) Churches in Missions is pleased to offer its guest house nestled in a forest in South Central Pennsylvania. The guest house is open all year around.
Pastors and their wives can stay free of charge. There is no catch—no pressure to do anything. We sell nothing but offer the grace of our Lord Jesus. Dave and Janet Keener, who operate the guest house, pastored churches for 43 years. They understand the needs of fellow pastor couples.
We are offering two special occasions to share the guest house with several pastor couples. These dates are September 25-27 and October 9-11. Each time will begin with your arrival on​ the afternoon of Sept. 25 and Oct. 9. All meals are provided and your special dietary needs are followed. The visit ends on Sept 27 and Oct. 11 after 12-noon​ lunch.
What you can expect is a loose schedule. Each day there will be brief devotions. Over the period of two days, ​there are planned two one hour group discussions. Mostly you will have free time to rest, read, relax, enjoy Pine Grove State Park, The Army Heritage Center, historic downtown Carlisle, quaint Boiling Springs, fly fish on the Yellow Breaches, and/or Gettysburg Battle Field National Park.
The objectives of these Times of Refreshment are:
1. By association with other pastors, the pastor couple will find friendship, acceptance, and understanding.
2. Freedom from all responsibilities will bring renewal and strength to press on in ministry.
3. The opportunity, if wanted, to share without judgment.
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